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Hey! It's your girl Yvette! I grew up in Glendora, California as a first generation Mexican-American. I’m fluent in spanish, I’m engaged, I’m a mommy of two, and I’m a fashion enthusiast.  I’m also a freshly minted blogger, an avid reader, and a forever learner.

I feel beyond blessed to be able to call social media my full-time job and I’m so grateful to be able to provide for my family through my passion for fashion.


I’ve been creating fashion content for Instagram since 2012, and while this started as just a hobby in hopes to share my love for clothes, it gradually blossomed into a platform where I was able to express myself on a much larger scale. I have a genuine love for creating original content that evokes joy and happiness in my audience and I am constantly challenging myself to create fresh and entertaining posts that resonate with my followers.

As a mom, I want to show my children that women can do so much more than they think they can and that they can be fully present for their family while still being a totally kick-ass entrepreneur and dreaming big!

If I had to describe myself in one word it would be LUMINOUS —  I strive to be a bright light in the world, while having the ability to see the light in others.


Can you remember who you were

before the world told you

who you should be?


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