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  • What is your fitness routine?
    I get this question so often! And although I am not a certified trainer or fitness expert by any means, I do live a very fit and healthy lifestyle so I've worked hard to create some FREE workout videos (Add hyper link) that I will share regualrly with you all on my Youtube Channel. I'd love for you guys to check them out and follow along! Also, I'll be providing healthy recipes and fitness tips here on the blog as well!
  • What do you eat in a day?
    I consider myself to be relatively healthy. I live by the 80/20 rule - this means I'm eating healthy and clean meals 80% of the time and then fully indulging in all of the sweets and treats that I love for the other 20%! A healthy diet is really important. You can't out-train a bad diet -- So another way to look at the 80/20 rule is that the way you look and feel is 80% how you eat and 20% how you train!
  • Do you have a Youtube Channel?
    Yes! Subscribe here!
  • Do you have a hair tutorial?
    Yes! You can watch it on my YouTube Channel or see it below!
  • Where's your favorite place to shop?
    I LOVE shopping at so many stores! I have links to my favorite sites on the right side margin of my main page. Often times I will provide discount codes for you to use on these sites.

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