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Meet   My Family



Mason and I have been together for 11 years. We met at a Hollywood Nightclub in 2012 ( I know, how original…)


We’ve been engaged for 4 years and are taking everything in our life at the pace that feels best for us - which is something we pride ourselves on having always done. Not the traditional order, or the way things “should be,” but the way things need to be in order for us to continue to have love and excitement in our life.


We plan on getting married once we are living back in Los Angeles and want to have our ceremony at the Monarch Beach resort - where we celebrated our 1 year anniversary and also where Mason proposed to me on my birthday in 2018.


It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, and even as parents and business partners we still feel more in-love than ever as we work to keep the flame burning and child-like spirit of our relationship alive.

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Mason II


My 1st born! He's 9 years old already! Wow. Words can not describe my love for this guy right here.

Mason II has changed my life in so many positive ways. He likes to remind Big Mase and I that the purpose of life is to "Have Fun & Be Happy!" And that's exactly how he lives his life each and every day.

​He is a bight, shining light in our family's life and in the world. This kiddo made me a MOM! And I'm so grateful for him every day. 

Oh and he's also the BEST big brother! Okay, that's enough bragging and gushing for me right now!

He loves to play video games, make Youtube Videos, ride his bike, swim, and tell jokes! He's a little comedian with a BIG HEART!

​When he grows up he says he wants to be "an inventor, a scientist, a creator, and an artist!"

​He'd love it if you checked out his YouTube channel when you have a chance! The link is below!

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Kamilla Lynn


This little girl right here is just so AMAZING! Kamilla Lynn Wehrli was born just 3 months before Mason's mom, Lynn Wehrli, passed away. 

We believe that Lynn left our little angel Kamilla with the best parts of her!

She's 6 years old going on 30. She's sassy, clever, funny, creative, and loves to cuddle - but only on HER terms! 

If you ask her, she's her brother's best friend. She's also a Disney princess and loves to SING. Concerts coming soon on her Youtube Channel (we haven't created it yet, but she's been BEGGING us for one!)

I love creating videos with my little girl. we have so much fun together. She's been such a tremendous joy and gift in our family!

Also - her name is pronounced (Kuh-Mil-uh). But we usually call her Kam, and Kamilly! 

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